Cryptic Studios, a wholly owned subsidiary of Perfect World Entertainment, sets a new standard for massively multiplayer online role playing games. Our company has a track record for creating critically-acclaimed and highly-entertaining free-to-play games that appeal to a wide variety of audiences   Located in Northern California in Silicon Valley, we offer the fun, focused and casual atmosphere of a mid-size MMORPG  developer. We actively balance our work with the personal lives of our employees.   Join the mission! At Cryptic we aim for greatness. We hire amazing talent and empower them to grow into their full potential.

Cryptic Studios is looking for a talented Level Designer to bring the world of our upcoming Magic: The Gathering Action MMORPG to life!  You’ll work closely with content and system designers as well as environment and concept artists to create immersive, visually stunning layouts and exciting combat playgrounds for our next console and PC game.

What you’ll be doing:

  • Collaborating with designers, artists and other developers to create engaging and exciting gameplay spaces for our upcoming Magic: The Gathering Action MMORPG
  • Using 3ds Max and Cryptic’s proprietary tools to design, prototype, iterate and realize highly polished level layouts featuring well-paced mission flow, seamless visual storytelling and opportunities for tactical action combat
  • Creating, scripting and placing spawns and encounters into gameplay spaces in exciting and innovative ways to create engaging combat experiences
  • Partnering with content designers to understand and plan for each level’s intended gameplay, space requirements, mission flow, story beats, encounter placement and scripting 
  • Collaborating with system designers to ensure that combat is finely tuned and outstanding in your levels 
  • Working closely with environment and concept artists to ensure that level layouts reflect visual storytelling goals, follow the established art style and enhance the overall visual experience

What we’d like to see:

  • Proven ability to create immersive levels with tight pacing, tactical challenges and opportunities for emergent gameplay
  • Deep knowledge of level flow, navigation, combat and gameplay space design
  • Strong understanding of combat fundamentals and the relationship between combat and gameplay space 
  • Strong understanding of visual storytelling, composition and aesthetics as they relate to level layout and presentation
  • Proficiency using 3ds Max, game editors and/or comparable software and tools to create compelling 3D assets and layouts
  • Outstanding communication skills, both verbal and written 
  • Legendary team-payer attitude and desire to make a positive impact on the people and culture around you
  • A 4-year degree or equivalent experience


  • Experience using proprietary editors, software and tools
  • Experience with encounter design, AI behaviors and/or scripting
  • Strong fundamental 3D and 2D art skills and/or ability to create supporting assets with or without concepts and designs
  • Console development experience
  • Familiarity with MMORPG games as a player and/or developer 
  • Passion for the Magic: The Gathering
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