Staff VFX Artist
ART- Sr. VFX Artist

Cryptic is looking for a full time in house Staff VFX Artist. A Visual FX artist: half magician and half demolitionist.  If you like to watch things blow up, or use smoke and mirrors to dazzle and impress, we have a place where you can channel your fascination for pyrotechnics and illusions. Join the Cryptic team to create and innovate in real-time Next-Gen visual effects for PC. We supply the proprietary game engine and tools, and you bring your talent for writing and editing VFX scripts.  Add a dash of Photoshop, and pinch of 3DSMax, and ignite the fireworks for character powers and weapons, explosive objects and environments.  Armed with your knowledge of animation, physics, and rendering, you will conjure sprites and particle systems, soft body and cloth effects, and rigid-body dynamics. What are you waiting for? Get on stage with an all-star cast of designers, engineers, and artists to produce that next blockbuster show!

Located in Northern California in Los Gatos, we create the fun, focused and casual atmosphere of a small developer. We actively balance our work with the personal lives of our employees. At Cryptic, we only hire the best and most talented people who love the work, the genre and the game.

What we'd like to see:

•    3 or more years in game development
•    3 or more game titles shipped
•    Strong portfolio
•    4 or more years of Photoshop in a Windows based environment
•    Experience supporting and managing a small team or work group
•    Ability to communicate art style and vision within the specific discipline
•    Ability to work within a style
•    Understanding of techniques for graphical effects, such as multi-pass textures and shaders, character skinning,    skeletal animation, HRD, etc.

•    Adept at troubleshooting art assets
•    Traditional art foundation including color theory, lighting, and form.
•    4-year degree required (or equivalent experience in relevant field)