Game Designer - Content
DESIGN - Content Designer

Cryptic Studios is currently seeking a full-time Content Designer. This design position is responsible for creating fun and balanced missions and environments for massively multiplayer online games. Content design involves creation of diverse zones for public spaces and missions in MMOGs. The content designer duties will include whiteboxing level layouts, populating areas with critters and scripting behaviors and events.

Every day you could be:

  • Contributing to the design of the story and events to realize the vision of the creative director and lead designer on the project.
  • Creating specific world events for each zone.
  • Implementing text and assets to create fun and interesting missions.
  • Balancing and tuning game play in each mission or area.
  • Providing an example of professionalism and excellence to the rest of the team.


Things we'd like to see:

  • Experience designing and implementing large numbers of game assets.
  • Experience with video game story implementation.
  • Experience in platform and fighting games as a player or designer.
  • Two or more years of industry experience.
  • Experience with 3D Studio MAX.
  • Shipped at least one previous game title.
  • MMP experience as a player or designer.
  • Comic book knowledge.
  • Veteran game player.
  • Published writing.
  • 4-year degree required (or equivalent experience in relevant field)
If you have made a UGC Foundry mission in Star Trek Online or Neverwinter, let us know so we can check it out! Include the name of the mission and your author name in your cover letter and or resume and we will take a look. 
For those not familiar with the Foundry, it’s a User Generated Content  tool in both Star Trek Online and Neverwinter that allows players to create robust missions for the community to play. The Foundry tool is based on Cryptic mission tools so it will give you an idea of how missions are created. Your submission will help us evaluate your mission authoring skills required for this position. Please note this is not a requirement to apply.